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TOPIC: Beatles song Day-tripper Riff and Chords

Beatles song Day-tripper Riff and Chords 8 months 3 weeks ago #9416

During the last blues class we continued to practice the riff of the Beatles song Day-tripper and also added chords playing in 4/4.

The riff is played in E for four (4) measures (the first two measures being an intro) then play the riff in A for two (2) measures and again in E for one (1) measure.

Then play the chords as follows: B - four (4 ) measures, A - one (1) measure, Ab - one (1) measure, C# - one (1) measure, B - one (1) measure. Then return to playing the riff as noted above. Repeat. Remember to strum with a blues or rock beat and not bluegrass.

As a reminder from previous classes, the riff uses a combination of major and minor pentatonic scales. The notes are played in sequence as follows: 1 - 3b - 3 - 5 - 8 - 7b - 5 - 2(octave) - 5 - 7b - 8 with E being the 1-note. Continue to practice the riff in E and in A (the 4 in the key of E) along with the chords.
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