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TOPIC: Music Theory Class #3

Music Theory Class #3 2 weeks 3 days ago #9901

In the third class of Music Theory and Appreciation we discussed the following:

Next, the Circle of 5ths was introduced. I drew the Circle on the board.

Next, The Circle of 5ths and Cycle of Forths was discussed, in relation to the Major scale. I used a special word to draw the circle from scratch. Then I explained how to find the seven notes of a major scale. Next, I numbered the notes from one to seven. We also reviewed how to complete a major scale using the pattern for each note. Students each took turn doing a scale based on the pattern and then used the circle to also complete a scale

Here are some questions that you can all answer below:

1. What key word can we use to draw the Circle of 5ths?

2. Why is it called the Circle of 5ths and Cycles of Forths

3. How can you use the Circle to create a major scale?

4. What is an interval and how does it relate to tonal and semi-tonal movement?

5. What major scale does not have Sharps and Flats?

6. What is the diatonic major scale pattern?

See you next week..

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