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TOPIC: String/Fret/ Action

String/Fret/ Action 11 years 1 month ago #2765

Bought a Sullivan banjo about a year ago. Still wondering if I should try to lower the strings to the fretboard for better action. I notice during lessions that David's Gibson banjo seems easier to fret because the strings are closer to the actual frets. On the upper fretboard my fingers roll off the strings...even though I've developed some good calouses. Anyone who plays banjo know about how to get the strings closer to the frets?
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Re:String/Fret/ Action 11 years 1 month ago #2777

since the Sullivan comes with a 5/8 bridge you probably shouldn't go any shorter. I also don't like sanding bridges since I haven't figured out how to put the sawdust back.

From Stelling Banjos......

Step #4 - Checking string height.
Normal string height, or action, is about 1/8" above the 12th fret and 9/64" above the 22nd fret as measured from the top of each fret to the center of the strings. To modify string height entails manipulation of the rim rods which are the two rods traversing the center of the rim. These rods secure the neck to the rim and must always be snug at the neck end prior to any adjustment at the opposite end where the 1/2" nuts are. Two holes in the middle of each rod facilitate turning the rods onto or off of the neck hanger bolts, or enable you to prevent the rods from turning when tightening or loosening the adjusting nuts. To lower the action, loosen the inner nut on the lower rod and tighten the outer nut. To raise the action, loosen the outer nut and tighten the inner nut.
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