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Fretmentor Offers Music Instruction For Banjo, Mandolin and GuitarGibson Electric Guitar

Fretmentor, located in Jupiter, Florida, offers a unique instructional program for the guitar, banjo, and mandolin enthusiast.  Whether you are a new student or a more experienced musician searching for additional training, our teaching methods are structured to meet your needs. 

  • To contact us, please send email to:  david (insert @ symbol)
  • Fretmentor is for or players of all ages. We offer private lessons, class room instruction and workshops. Whether your are a parent looking for lessons for your child, or a student in their retirement year, we offer course materials specifically designed to meet your needs and desires. Our instructional products have been developed through our own musical that spans over 45 years.
  • While located in Florida, our presence on the internet as well as iPhone and iPad mobile devices, reaches an audience via webcam lessons or through digital lessons and song that are available to be downloaded directly to your computer.
  • To provide a useful and constructive learning environment, a variety of multimedia instructional platforms, which include the use of charts, picture files, video clips and more are utilized to make learning your instrument and easier experience.
  • Various genres and styles are taught, ranging from blues, bluegrass, jazz, classical to standard and popular music.  For the guitar player, you may wish to explore finger-style, flat-picking, comping or various lead or rhythm techniques.  If you are a five-string banjo player, your interests may vary from three-finger picking in Scruggs, Melodic and Reno styles.  As a mandolin player, your exploration of the instrument may include cross-picking, using drone strings and double stops, tremolo, or incorporating chop chords into your back-up.
  • To make your practicing time even more productive, you can download songs from the Fretmentor library, where you can play along with slow and fast audio files, which are used to supplement the tunes you learn from tablature and standard musical notation.  Finally, your training will include learning your instrument in relation to music theory concepts.  you will be taught music theory as it relates to the instrument in the development of melody lines and chord formation, while learning how to improvise while playing individually or performing with others.
  • At Fretmentor, we understand that all students have different interests. Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have or post your comments on our forum. In the meantime, I look forward to you joining us and becoming part of our Fretmentor community. 


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