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Part I - Introduction



Part I of Fretmentor's Videos Tours introduces www.fretmentor.com; including the teacher, instruments, and some of the great students that are part of the Fretmentor Community.  All instrumentals on the video are performed and recorded by Fretmentor, including the original opening & closing arrangement entitled "Banjo Groove".

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This video is Part I of a four-part series, which provides a tour of the entire site.   To proceed to another video in this series, click one of the fretmentor logo links below:

Fretmentor logoPart 2 - Teaching Methods & Media Aids

Fretmentor logoPart 3 - Classes & Workshops

Fretmentor logoPart 4 - Website Features


Fretmentor has been playing, performing and teaching banjo, mandolin and guitar for over forty years.  The website provides a variety of services, including but not limited to music instruction, a public forum and music blog for music students and players, workshops and classes, a history of the instruments and performers, a library of songs and articles useful for education for fretted instruments.  

Enjoy the movie.

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