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TOPIC: Ukulele Class #2

Ukulele Class #2 2 weeks 4 days ago #9899

Hello Everyone

In week two of the Ukulele class, I discussed the following:

1. Reviewed the Musical Alphabet - I explained to you the musical alphabet from A to G, including the sharps and flats. In addition, I demonstrated how to identify notes on the fingerboard using your fingers as they move up the frets.

2. The major scale was highlighted and I address the importance of the scale as it relates to playing music. We diagrammed scales in the Keys of C and F

3. Proper left hand fingering was demonstrated using the fingerboard

4. Major chords that you were asked to learn from the prior week were discussed and played.

5. Common Major Chord progressions for songs were highlighted

6. I spent a good portion of class explaining open and closed chords.


What is the musical alphabet and how do you distinguish between sharps and flats on a piano and natural notes?

What are the dots on the instrument called and how are they used to find notes?

What is the octave?

When making a major chord, how many notes are used?

What is the pattern for a major scale and how is a major scale used in playing your instrument?

What are the three major chord progressions for each Key?

How is an open chord moved up the neck?

For Next Week .. Please print out the major and minor scale charts. You should also learn to make the major chords. Practice moving major chords from a C to an F to a G. Also practice moving from a G to a C to a D. Learn the chords A, E and B

Play the I, IV, V progressions for each key

if you haven't already done so, complete your fingerboard chart alphabetically and compare it to the answer page. Also, complete your scales using the blank templates for each Key found in the Theory Section of your materials. There are corresponding answer pages.

Finally, next week we will talk about minor chords and playing some of the songs in your materials.

In the meantime, have a good week of practive
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