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TOPIC: Ukulele Class #1

Ukulele Class #1 3 weeks 4 days ago #9895

Hello Everyone

It was a pleasure meeting all of you last night.

The following class summary for Adult Ukulele.

Tuning - I demonstrated to you how to tune your instrument. I identified to you the strings of the instrument.

Musical Alphabet - I explained to you the musical alphabet from A to G, including the sharps and flats.

Strumming was discussed and all students played a chord and strummed their instrument. We used a Down Strum, a Down Up Strum and an Up Strum. In the technique section, you will find a small video called "strum" Please watch this video.

Left Hand Technique - I demonstrated how to use each finger of the left hand. Please watch the video LeftHandFingers in the technique section of your materials.

Questions: What is the musical alphabet? What are the natural notes ? What are the in between notes referred to and how many of them are there? Between what two sets of noes will you not find sharps and flats?

What is the difference between the open and closed strings? What are the strings open and how are they numbered from 1 to 4?

Print out your chord charts for the next class. Please memorize and learn the following chords: G, C D and F

Feel free to post and respond to any questions or comments below this post

See you soon.

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