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TOPIC: Adult Guitar Class #5

Adult Guitar Class #5 2 weeks 6 days ago #9738

In week 5, we discussed and reviewed the following

First, we once again wrote a major scale on the board and I explained how the scale is used to build chords and to play chord progressions in any given Key.

We next played each of the following chords and identified the bass note for each chord

C, A, G, E and D

We worked on strumming pattern and I explained how a each major chord has a root in the bass. We strummed using the root note followed by the strum.

You should work the following strums

Down Up
Up Down Up
Down Up Down up

You should also practice the I-IV-V progressions for the Keys of C, A, G, E and D

Finally, we discussed how to play left hand techniques (slide, pull-off and hammer on) Each student worked on these techniques.

See you next week.

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