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TOPIC: Music Theory & Appreciation Class # 4

Music Theory & Appreciation Class # 4 1 month 15 hours ago #9731

Hello Everyone

In week #4 we did a little something different.

The class primarily addressed playing in different keys with an emphasis on singing.

Each class member was asked to sing the first phrase of the melody line "Happy Birthday". I explained how each person's voice will naturally sing in a particular Key. We determined that the class had singers in four different Keys. We did this by singing the first syllable of "Happy" Once the correct Key was determined, the person could sing well in their natural key but not in a Key far away from their own Key.

I demonstrated how a song's melody line can be transposed to a different Key on the guitar, or moved upward either with a Capo or with Jazz chords.


What is an arpeggio?

What are major chords?

How did we implement the Circle of 5ths in this exercise?

What is transposition?

See you next week.

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